Bingham Memorial Hospital Launches a Series of Online Medical Tests

Bingham Memorial Hospital, a medical health care unit located in Blackfoot, Idaho which is led by hospital manager Louis Kraml, has recently launched several a series of medical tests that are supposed to help and educate the area residents.

The first test is a diabetes 2 risk assessment quiz; its role is to help people evaluate their type 2 diabetes risks, as well as to educate them regarding the factors that can trigger the disease.

The test consists of a small series of questions which ask the persons that are taking the test if they have ever been diagnosed with high blood pressure, what is their age (the diabetes 2 risk increases as we age), their gender (men are more likely to develop diabetes), their diabetes family history (this could increase the risk for diabetes as well), their race (people belonging to certain ethnic groups are more likely to develop diabetes), level of physical activity (inactivity can increase the risk of diabetes) and the height / weight ratio (people with higher BMI values have a greater diabetes 2 risk).

A score is displayed at the end of the test, along with a diagnosis and information about the risk factors that should be taken into account. The results can be shared or printed; as an alternative, it is possible to schedule a consultation with a specialist on the same website page.

The second medical test that has been recently launched at Bingham Memorial Hospital is the Pre-Pregnancy IQ Test, which is addressed to the mothers that take into consideration the idea of having a baby. The test consists of a true / false series of questions with instant answer checks, in an effort to offer the future mothers good quality advice from the very beginning.

The test discusses preparation before the very first prenatal care to the doctor, over-the-counter drugs, which can affect the baby, so are not recommended before getting the doctor’s approval, dangerous chemicals workplaces and environments, prenatal vitamins and their role in preventing birth defects, as well as other things that can be done to make sure that your baby is going to be as healthy as possible.

The report at the end of the test provides the score, as well as the option of subscribing to the monthly “Health Matters for Women” newsletter. It is also possible to schedule an appointment with one of the physicians at Bingham Memorial Hospital’s Women’s Center.

We look forward to seeing more tests like these in the future; they are surely needed, because they can teach us all how to take better care of ourselves.

According to the official Louis Kraml statement on the hospital website, the hospital has grown to a modern medical facility within the last 10 years, having budgets that are close to 250 million dollars each year. It may not look like a lot of money when you compare the budgets with the ones that are made available to the nation’s biggest hospitals, but that amount of money is really impressive when you take into consideration the fact that we are talking about a rural, community-oriented medical center.

The budget growth is over 3,000% – a 30 times increase – in comparison with 2003, so the results are even more impressive. According to the hospital manager, this growth is attributed to the medical team, which did its best to serve the needs of the people living in Blackfoot and its surroundings.

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