Louis Kraml

For the second year in a row, Louis Kraml, CEO at Bingham Memorial Hospital, has received the National Award for Patient Satisfaction. This should be of no surprise for the over 100,000 people that have been treated at this hospital.

Louis Kraml

Louis Kraml

Louis Kraml has used the occasion to emphasize the fact that this medical institution does its best to offer high quality medical services for all its patients.

Basically, the patients have scored the hospital led by Kraml in the top five percent facilities all over the U.S. for 48 months in a row.

The Healing Center at Idaho’s Doctors Hospital has announced the first Idaho Traumatic Brain Injury Summit in Pocatello. The purpose of the summit was to put into perspective several new ways in which people leaving in Idaho that have suffered from traumatic brain injury can be better helped and assisted. Prevention of brain injuries has also played an important role and was discussed during the summit, of course.

The doctors, together with the management team – represented by Louis Kraml – agreed that each brain injury is unique, so it has to be treated with extra care.

At present, Bingham Memorial Hospital and Idaho Doctors Hospital are financing medical studies as a way to give thanks to the nation’s heroes. It is known that in the U.S. there are about 4 million Americans that suffer from brain injuries.

Under the management of Louis Kraml, Bingham Memorial Hospital has received the Medicare Rural Hospital Flexibility Grant. This means that the efforts dedicated to improving the quality of the medical services has been attested. The money was directed towards creating the Rural Wisconsin Healthcare Cooperative Quality Indicators System, in an effort to improve the medical outcomes that really matter.

“The outcomes that matter” is a name given to all medical efforts that lead not only to medical improvement, but also to quality of life improvements for the patients. Louis Kraml has stated that he is fully dedicated to sustaining the rural hospitals.

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